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Kratochvíl company

Kratochvíl spol. s r.o. is wholesaler focused mainly on import, export and distribution in field of lamps and fixtures and its components. Company was established in 1991 in Slaný, Czech Republic originally as batteries and flashlights distributor, however range of goods was soon to be enwidened. The company's development in the 1990s was significantly linked to the import and distribution of OSRAM, General Electric and Sylvania lamps and fixtures

The company's turnover currently consists mainly of the sale of lamps, luminaires and it componets. Kratochvíl spol. s r.o. is one of the main partners of the PHILIPS, SIGNIFY, OSRAM, LEDVANCE and MEGAMAN brands in the Czech Republic, as well as exclusive distributor of the Italian company Duralamp for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the field of luminaires, its main suppliers are PHILIPS, SIGNIFY, OSRAM, LEDVANCE, MODUS, Deos and Osmont. Another important part of contemporary range of goods are batteries, especially brands Energizer, Duracell, Varta, Panasonic. In addition to goods related to lighting and batteries, Kratochvíl spol. s r.o. also offers range of classic electrical installation material. Kratochvíl spol. s r.o. provides comprehensive services in the field of professional lighting, which, in addition to the delivery itself, include lighting design and calculations, consulting and after-sales service. Important traditional partners Kratochvíl spol. s r.o. have been retail chains since the first half of the 1990s, for which the company provides not only, but the whole range of various logistical services, merchandising itself included.  As an importer of the above mentioned goods , Kratochvíl spol. s r.o. member of the Ekolamp and Ekobat collective systems.